The Old Age Psychiatry service provides both community and hospital services through our multidisciplinary mental health team (MDT). Our MDT includes psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers, psychologists and administration staff.

The community-based services are provided in people’s homes, through our outpatients department (OPD: located on the St James’s Hospital campus) and the Martha Whiteway Day Hospital.

Our nursing home liaison service supports continuing care and rehabilitation units located within the Dublin South Central catchment area.

Our hospital service includes our nine bedded ward (Conolly Norman Unit in the Jonathan Swift Clinic).

Our PsychEL liaison service provides psychiatric consultation support to the medical wards.

Our services include:

The Community Mental Health Team: The Community Mental Health Team operates from the Martha Whiteway Day Hospital, providing assessment and treatment to patients living in their own homes or in community-based residential and continuing care settings.

Community Consultation Liaison Service: Psychiatry for the Elderly (PsychEL) provides a consultation liaison service to the Robert Mayne Day Hospital and to several peripheral public and private rehabilitation and long stay units.

General Hospital Consultation Liaison Service: PsychEL also provides a consultation liaison service to patients over the age of 65 admitted to St James’s Hospital.

Outpatient Clinics: Patients who require ongoing psychiatric review in a hospital setting can attend outpatient clinics located in the Outpatients Department of St. James’s Hospital.

Inpatient Clinical Care: The Conolly Norman Unit:  The Conolly Norman Unit is a nine-bedded unit on the ground floor of the Jonathan Swift Clinic located in St James’s hospital. Our multidisciplinary team provide acute inpatient care for the Dublin South Central Mental Health Services for older people.

Martha Whiteway Day Hospital: The Martha Whiteway Day Hospital caters for up to 12 people daily who are residing in the Dublin South Central Mental Health Service area. These patients will benefit from a higher level of support than that provided by the outpatient department.

Nursing Home Liaison Service