Martha Whiteway Day Hospital

The Martha Whiteway Day Hospital caters for people residing in the Dublin South City Mental Health Service area who would benefit from a higher level of support than that provided by the outpatient department.  We provide person-centered care, using intensive multi-disciplinary assessment and management of mental health problems. We support people who are in crisis or undergoing a relapse.

The Day Hospital acts as a bridge between the inpatient unit and the community, facilitating early discharge and working to prevent re-admission. We place a high priority on supporting patients, families and carers to promote recovery and maintain long-term wellbeing. Through a supportive environment that promotes recovery and rehabilitation, patients can avail of individual and group therapies tailored to their specific needs. Where necessary assessment and intervention take place in the patient’s home.

The Day Hospital can accommodate up to 12 patients daily, spanning all types of mental health problems. Activities and interventions are available to match the needs of the patient. This includes group therapy for management of specific mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression or memory difficulties, and skills training to maintain quality of life and independence. Individual therapy, such as bereavement therapy, is also available.

Each patient receives an individually customised care plan, drawn up early in the admission by our multi-disciplinary team, which includes a discharge plan, ensuring that rehabilitation and recovery are the focus of the admission.