Old Age Psychiatry & Psychiatry for the Elderly (PsychEL) Service (An Rannóg Síciatracht do Dhaoine Scothaosta)

 based in the Martha Whiteway Day Hospital, MISA Building, St James’s Hospital, Dublin 8, D08 NYH1

We provide comprehensive mental health services to those aged 65 years of age and over who live in the Dublin South City area. We also provide consultation and liaison services for all older people admitted to St. James’s Hospital or to the continuing care and rehabilitation units for older people which are located within our catchment area.

Our aim is to provide a service which is:

  • Comprehensive and person-centred – We provide assessment and treatment in a range of settings including inpatient, day hospital, continuing care, nursing home and in the person’s own home and we take into account all aspects of the person’s needs, circumstances and wishes: physical, psychological and social;
  • Accessible and responsive – Our goal is that older people with mental health challenges will be assessed in a timely fashion. Our service is flexible and can see patients at home when this is more appropriate to the individual’s needs;
  • Preventive – We support people in their wish to live in their own homes and to avoid hospitalisation by proactive assessment and management in the community;
  • Team-based – We manage all aspects of the problem by using the skills and expertise of a multidisciplinary team (MDT);
  • Family-based – We provide support and help to family and caregivers as well as to patients
  • Evidence-based – We base our management on the best current evidence, and we conduct research to better understand the needs of our patients and the best means of treatment.