Frequently Asked Questions

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

A Speech and Language Therapist is a health care professional with specialist skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of difficulties a person may have with speech, voice, communication or swallowing.

The goal of Speech and Language Therapy is to enhance the individual’s capacity to communicate with others, through therapy, strategies and support.

If a swallowing problem is diagnosed, Speech and Language Therapy will aim to maximise the person’s ability eat and drink safely while positively impacting their quality of life.

How do I access Speech and Language Therapy?

Your medical team can refer you to our service if you are experiencing changes in your speech, voice, communication or swallow. Once a referral is received, a Speech and Language Therapist will assess what your needs are, and discuss the best available options for treatment with you.

How often will I have Speech and Language Therapy?

This will depend on an assessment of your needs and your personal treatment goals. The Speech and Language Therapist will discuss this with you and regularly review your progress with you.

How can I maximise my improvement?

It is very important that you attend your scheduled Speech and Language Therapy treatment sessions. If you miss sessions, you may reduce the effectiveness of your treatment plan.

The Speech and Language Therapist may give you tasks or a therapy folder to work on independently outside of your sessions, in the evening or at weekends. In order to get the most out of your treatment, you should carefully follow the instructions given.

Where will my Speech and Language Therapy session take place?

Speech and Language Therapy sessions often take place in our therapy suite, on Level 1 of the MISA building.

On some occasions, the Speech and Language Therapist may arrange to see you in a different setting, for example, on the ward, or in the dining room at mealtimes.

Will I get individual or group sessions?

The majority of Speech and Language Therapy sessions are individual, but we do also run groups that are specially tailored to the needs of our clients in MISA. You may be offered a combination of individual and group sessions to help maximise your recovery.

Should anyone else be involved in my Speech and Language Therapy sessions?

Yes, we strongly encourage that your key communication partners are aware of your treatment plan in order to best support your progress with Speech and Language Therapy. Family and friends may also need advice, tips and support on communication, and/or specific swallowing guidelines and strategies.

If appropriate, we will invite your family to attend some of your sessions with you. Families and carers can often help you to complete your therapy programme so that you can achieve your treatment goals as early as possible.