Physiotherapy (Fisiteiripe)

Our aim is to provide a high quality patient centered physiotherapy service which addresses the needs of older people together with their carers and families. We achieve this through the provision of excellent clinical care, quality initiatives, education, research and close collaboration with our multidisciplinary colleagues.

Physiotherapy service:

The inpatient physiotherapy service covers the following wards:

  • George Frederic Handel ward (Stroke unit)
  • Rialto ward (Older Person Rehabilitation)
  • Patrick Kavanagh (Acute Medical Rehabilitation)
  • Kilmainham (Transition Unit)
  • Mary Mercer’s Ward ( Acute Medical ward)

The outpatient physiotherapy service covers:

  • Falls and Syncope Unit
  • Robert Mayne Day Hospital

Common conditions treated include stroke, Parkinson’s disease, hip fractures, falls, immobility, post-surgical myopathies etc.

What is the physiotherapy assessment and treatment process?

  • Determine each patient’s level of function.
  • Tailor rehabilitation programs to the specific needs of each patient.
  • Involve of patients and their carers in the goal setting process.
  • Maximise quality of life and independent living through exercise and education.
  • Discharge facilitation.
  • Day hospital physiotherapy services.

What does physiotherapy treatment involve?

Physiotherapy interventions consist of muscle stretching and strengthening, neurological rehabilitation, balance / coordination re-training, gait analysis and re-education, cardiovascular exercise, spasticity management, heat therapy, prescription of walking aids/orthosis, and falls prevention education.

Operating hours:

8:00AM to 4:30PM Mon – Fri

Contact details:

MISA Physiotherapy (All wards in MISA and Mary Mercer’s ward):

(01) 416 2149/ (01) 416 3072.

RMDH Physiotherapy:

(01) 4162611

We welcome any family members to contact us about their relative’s treatment or to drop into the physiotherapy gym to talk to us.

We also welcome any feedback on your service using out patient satisfaction questionnaire found here.