COVID-19 Technology Assessment

As the COVID-19 emergency evolves, an increasingly wide range of technology is being offered for supply to hospitals and other healthcare providers. This ‘new’ technology extends beyond the standard and familiar medical technologies deployed in clinical settings and it is important that healthcare providers and other organisations can quickly assess the suitability of these technologies for application in their environment.

To assist with the COVID-19 response, the Dept. of Medical Physics and Bioengineering at MISA, St. James’s Hospital, has been providing a rapid COVID-19 technology assessment service to the hospital in order to quickly evaluate specific technologies and innovations being considered for use in the hospital.

Summaries of the evaluations are provided in short Bulletins (see below) highlighting the main findings from each review.  These bulletins are intended to assist clinical and other staff assess suitability of the technology, and to highlight any important operational or other issues*.

Completed Technology Reviews 

Please click on the list below to see further details of each technology review and download the short Bulletins which have been completed to date.

*Disclaimer:  Bulletins are provided outside St. James’s Hospital to assist the wider health service and do not in any way amount to a recommendation of any specific provider, technology, machinery, software or otherwise.  Furthermore, the Bulletins are providing a review of usage and are not suggestive as to suitability, transferability or advice.  Assessments are considered with regard to the specific physical and clinical environment in St. James’s Hospital and not all findings may be transferable. Assessments in these Bulletins focus on technical aspects; clinical efficacy, cost, legal and infection control issues are generally not in the scope of the technical reviews. These reviews are not presented as exhaustive assessments. As such, St James’s Hospital accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to the issue and/or usage of any of the product(s) being reviewed in any particular Bulletin.