Speech & Language Therapy (Teiripe Urlabhra & Teanga)

The Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) team in MISA is based on level 1 of the MISA building, in close proximity to the other health and social care professionals based there. The SLT team in MISA work with patients who experience difficulties with communication or swallowing. These difficulties can occur for a number of reasons, for example;

  • Brain injury (Stroke)
  • Progressive neurological conditions (Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia)
  • Other medical and surgical conditions (respiratory difficulties, oesophageal difficulties)

We provide a specialist service to all suitable patients in the following clinical areas in MISA:

  • George Fredrick Handel Ward (Stroke rehabilitation)
  • Patrick Kavanagh Ward (Acute geriatric ward)
  • Rialto Ward (Geriatric rehabilitation)
  • Mary Mercer’s Ward (Acute geriatric ward)
  • Robert Mayne Day Hospital

Our specialist assessment and intervention service involves;

  • Comprehensive assessment of communication and swallowing difficulties
  • Intensive treatment for patients experiencing communication or swallowing difficulties.
  • Education and support to patients, families and staff on maximising communication and swallowing skills

We strive to provide a holistic, patient-centred approach built on individualised, functional goals that are jointly developed with each patient. Therapy is delivered through both individual therapy sessions and group therapy sessions as appropriate. Therapy goals are further facilitated through multidisciplinary teamwork in MISA. Weekly multidisciplinary team meetings and regular care planning meetings ensures a coordinated team approach throughout the patient’s rehabilitation journey. We aim to enable each patient to optimise their rehabilitation potential, allowing people to live as independently as possible by the end of their rehabilitation journey in MISA.

Practice Education

As St. James’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, affiliated to Trinity College Dublin, the SLT team in MISA regularly facilitate clinical placements for SLT students. The SLT team also recognise the important role of continued professional development and regularly attend training and education events, ensuring our service meets current international best practice guidelines. 

Referral to SLT

Should a patient in MISA have any difficulties with communication or swallowing during their stay in MISA, the medical team will place a referral directly to our service.

 Contact Details

MISA Speech and Language Therapy Department,

Level 1 MISA Building,

St. James’s Hospital,

Dublin 8

Tel: 01 428 4763